Ceramic tile panel molded and painted for side facade of the building at Calçada do Monte, Lisbon. 2016

My idea for this facade was to draw the shape of the previous exixting facade: a small house in Graça neighborhood with stunning views of Lisbon that double its size after the refurbishing. My intention was to simulate the old facade before the City Council transformed this wall into the entrance to the Cerca da Grave public garden. After lots of discussions with architects, it remained as a straight shape but with a very organic design inside.

This panel represents different plants that grow around the house and climb the walls sorrounding. I used real plants I took from neighboring gardens representing different plants that grow sinuous the side facade of the building, and subtle climb in a subtle almost imperceptible way.

Due to its big size (12m x 1,9m) it was complicated to manufacture in the studio, so I decided to install a temporary studio at the cave of the building while the construction was happening, and made all the tiles there. Once they dry I moved them to a small village near Sintra at Eduardo Viana office where I fired them first in low temperature, and after painting and glazing, fired again in 1180ºC.